I decided to make a go of consolidating all my notes for Escape from White Cliff in my latest handwritten notebook, and I’ve only just finished that. I’m quite proud of myself, really. Now I can finally remove the sticky notes adorning my wall to make room for the next project, whenever it’s time to plan for the next adventure. I’m thinking it would be nice to put Rumors of War up on the wall in the coming months. :)

In the process of collating my notes for the adventure, I also came up with a default sort of conclusion for the adventure, which I can build on as I get closer to finishing it. From here on out, all I’m doing is building new monsters in Adventure Tools and determine precise numbers for the encounters. (Including skill challenges that tend to crop up between the encounters — they get the characters working together and make things interesting.)

Finally, the entire adventure has a pretty loose plot that the whole thing follows — the university of White Cliff comes under attack from extraplanar forces which the characters fight their way through. Their first efforts are focused on applying preventative measures, where possible, then when that fails to provide more than temporary relief, they turn to mitigating the damage wrought by the invasion. With that well in hand, they start looking for a way out, when they’re sidetracked with the problem presented by the Big Bad.