So, I’m in an interesting situation with the Saturday game. Never mind that I’ve been preparing my adventure since some time in September, I’ve given it plenty of thought — I might not be finished, but I’m good to go, for sure — no, what’s on my mind right now is how strange it is for me to be picking up the game after someone else has been running it for over a year. I usually start new campaigns, not pick up someone else’s story.

I got my first taste on Saturday, when I got requests for information about NPCs I’d only interacted with from a player’s perspective. I had to keep turning to our former game master with questions, like “Was so-and-so the what-you-call-it? Did they do this or the other thing? Where are we again?” It’s weird to turn to a person for game notes. Most of the NPCs our party interacts with on a regular basis are his creations.

Of course, as game master, I’m free to tweak the NPCs as need be. I kind of don’t want to, though, except when following a design set down by our previous game master. *shakes head* It’s weird working in a world that already exists, with the player’s expectations already in place for what places or characters are like. I can probably get away with a lot, too, since some of these things were loosely designed.

Still, it’s weird.

I’m going to say that a lot.