So, I flooded the laundry room this morning. The pipes froze over sometime during the week, before I had the chance to do the wash (coincidentally, I’d planned on doing laundry Wednesday night and I spent the evening at the hospital instead) and I wound up filling buckets of water from the sink to wash my clothes. Of course, the waste-water pipe had frozen as well, so there was water to mop up…

Plenty of time to write at the laundromat. People here are here for one reason: to wash clothes. It’s kind of nice, I’ve had only one person talk to me, and it was the maintenance guy asking me if the Internet was working. I obliged him with an answer and added that there were no outlets. “I don’t provide power,” he said. I shrugged. Not like a service play should be accommodating or anything. Heavens no.

This is my first laundromat experience, and it’s nearly what I’d expect from it — there are no screaming children, however. Just one screaming child, thankfully. And he was only here while his parents took laundry from the dryer and folded it. They were only here about 20-30 minutes. Funny, time passes differently in the laundromat, with washers and dryers being timed as they are. It’s a time perception thing.

edit: With nothing to do but wait, it’s given me time to catch up on blogging, at least.