When I wrote my last blog entry, plugging Sly Flourish, I made the mistake of actually going to the blog and looking around again (I should know better, really). I happened across another great entry I want to plug: The 5×5 Method. (I plugged another Critical Hits post in the last entry I happened to mention Sly Flourish.) I’m making a mess of this: Critical Hits posted the 5×5 Method and Sly Flourish plugged it. I feel better now.

I like reading about adventure design, it’s one of those things that interests me. As a matter of course, I quite enjoy writing about it as well. Who could tell with the “game design” tag, and all? *snerk* Anyway, I’ve a lot of things to read on both of these blogs, it may well lead to lots more cross-posting. I’m trying to fit lots of ideas into a small space.

So, the 5×5 Method is one of those top-down design systems, where you start with all the big stuff and work your way down to the details. You start with five major points you want to make in your plot (the article uses the Lord of the Rings for its example) and you create a different location for each of the major plot points. From there, you derive quests related to each of the plot points. Not unlike the Pentagon Method, writ large.