I wanted to sit down to the blog here and write about encounter balance when it occurred to me if I even followed my own advice: I was pretty sure I’d written about encounter balance at least once before, so I made sure to do a quick search before writing.

This is what I found. The post is about styling encounters in such a fashion that every character has a target. It gave me pause enough to think about the content of my previous post about the solo-and-elite double-team encounter. I’m not as worried about it now.

The encounter, as designed, has a solo monster a level lower than the party (11th) which should make it a reasonable but not impossible challenge for them to take down. It has a lot of hit points (four times normal), being a monster intended to take on an entire party.

The elite monster is insubstantial, has regeneration, and is two levels higher than the party. By itself, it would be a tough but not impossible challenge. One of the creatures is worth the attention of up to four members of the party, while the second is worth the attention of up to two. This should be perfect.

But there are still other factors involved. How much of the party’s resources have been expended up to that point (daily powers and other consumable resources like potions), and how well they happen to work together. It’s a complicated affair. *le sigh*