The strangest thing just happened: I was thinking about this funny article I could write about the weekend that just passed, and I thought about how I ought to write it and backdate it so I could fill in the spaces I was missing, and part of my brain said “No!” in the most pitiful protest I think I’ve ever heard uttered by in my adult life. Perhaps the strangest part was that I actually listened, despite of my normal “meh” approach.

Basically, what I think happened, is part of my brain just vocalized its refusal to play the catchup game I’ve been insisting on playing whenever I miss blog entries. I mean, I don’t- it’s strange, but I have a hard time disagreeing with it. I mean, here I’d gone and set myself a goal to “write four posts a day” and part of my brain was vocally protesting.

So, I think I’m going to just write them off. I mean, I’d love to write some more blog posts to fill that space I’m missing, but I think I’ve also given myself permission to not write them. I mean, it’s weird. I don’t really get it. I think I should be more upset about it, but at the same time, I wrote about how much I hate playing catchup.

So, I think I’m going to let them go. I mean, I think I’m just going to let them go, and let the air clear of their foul odor. I need to let them go so I can focus on the comic, which is far, far more important than the blog anyway. I can’t allow myself to worry about both, I don’t have the patience for both. So, now I’m going to top this entry off, write the one for this evening, and then get back to the comic.