Since I’m spending the day thinking about writing — my mind came back again to the thoughts I had for stories that spin-off from Rumors of War and take place in the same setting. The spin-off comic Gaia’s Revenge isn’t going to happen for some time, and I’m thinking that perhaps I’m going about the side-stories the wrong way as well.

Rather than trying to write stories about cohesive groups of characters, which is what I’ve been trying to do (it really was a bad idea, now that I think about it), I should probably focus on writing flash fiction centered around single characters. There was a whole point to creating side characters in the context of the comic, to give them a place in the world.

I’m allowing the plots and the characters for side-stories to become too complicated. I’m probably planning them too much, as well. I oughtn’t get caught up in too much of the continuity. Part of the reason for their existence is simply to add to the world and let me find outlets for some of the other bits that don’t get told in the comic itself.

I’ll figure it out eventually. *sighs, shakes head sadly*