This guide is beautiful and straightforward. I’ve used it as the basis for all the encounters I’ve designed for Escape from White Cliff, and I mean to use the adventure to showcase the design theory behind Stalker0’s guide. The basic concept is to fight grind by making most of the monsters encountered the same level as the party.

Does this seem strange to you? You might want to read the article yourself and see if maybe you have a different approach to combat in Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. When I look at how the powers are structured, I see things that are meant to be used over and over again in combination. Every battle begins in an “empty” state, wherein the players can experiment with various battlefield effects. :D

Use the Stalker0’s guide to create more encounters per level, make sure to use lots of terrain elements, and give the players different things to distract them from fighting the monsters. In my first encounter groups, I have fires raging in the background, crazy dimensional distortions flaring up, and NPC allies for the characters to either protect or leave to die horribly at the hands of their enemies.