(di — this entry is backdated, just a bit … I finished it around 11 PM)

I started writing something this afternoon. I wasn’t really expecting to start writing anything, and then I came up with this character: Fruben Daleborn. He sort of … sprang out of my head, fully formed, and demanding a story. I decided I wanted to write short stories, though, not a novel. So, I’ve decided I’m not going to aim for a long story. That’s the whole point. I can aim low — I can decide to make it a short, short goal.

I can’t claim the name Fruben Daleborn is entirely my own creation, I’m ashamed to say that I pulled the first and last names off the Wizards of the Coast Name Generator, but his personality came out of my head, sort of as an amalgamation of several characters I’ve created before. There’s just this thing that most of the characters I’ve created never saw the light of day, so it’s okay to reuse elements of them elsewhere!

Sorry, I’m meandering here, I forgot to write this earlier this afternoon, so I’m scrambling to find the place where I need to be to write about what I’m writing. *crazy* Okay, so usually I go into writing something with both eyes open, knowing exactly what I’m getting into, and this character, with this story, it’s like I’m making it up as I go along. There’s very little in this story that I planned ahead of time. Like, no research, either. :O