I’d like to direct your attention to another article on Sly Flourish that I find particularly helpful (and plan to use in the near future): Three Monster Powers To Speed Up Combat. There’s this thing about Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons combat that some players and game masters seem to have trouble with: battles last too long and stop being fun. Monsters aren’t too much of a threat but they take forever to take down.

This article presents three terribly useful powers that can be added to any elite or solo monster, along with the ever-versatile “Overdrive” power that can be added to just about any monster. The basic idea behind these powers is that the monster can trade one of its primary resources, hit points (found in abundance with Fourth Edition creatures) for a bigger punch, something they sadly tend to lack. (They have hit points, though.)

Immediately upon reading the article, I added one in particular, the “Brutal Shakeoff” power, to one of my solo monsters, whom I was already afraid had too much soaking power. Despite the +5 saving throw bonus that all solo monsters have, they tend to be extremely poor in the action economy, so any action-denial brought on by the party can be devastating.

Incidentally, our party has two rangers, and I plan on abusing the Brutal Shakeoff to remove their godly Hunter’s Quarry effect. That should throw them for a loop. >:D