Let’s look at the current workload, shall we: I have a story to critique by Thursday evening, I have Chapter 23 of Rumors of War to write, and the chapter to build, the blog (!) to maintain throughout the week, and Escape from White Cliff to continue developing (and run!). Deciding not to go ahead with Gaia’s Revenge back in [whenever I decided that] suddenly sounds like an even smarter idea than it was before.

Oh, and there’s a short story I need to write by a week from Thursday so I have something for our writing group’s quarterly writing challenge. Thankfully, I’m making progress on all of these things at the same time. Progress, however slowly, is still progress. That won’t stop me from stressing out about it whenever and however I can, of course. *shakes head* I just need to keep my wits about me.

The main tool I have in my arsenal here is my burgeoning ability to prioritize. I know I need to have the story critiqued by Thursday, and it’s a short work. It gets done first thing, when I have a free moment at home, and then it’s done. The chapter of Rumors of War needs to be scripted by Friday, and I’ll probably spend most of my time alternating between that and Escape from White Cliff.

The blog will just have to suffer a little in the meantime. Assuming everything goes well and I knock off the chapter of Rumors of War by the weekend, I have next week to finish my quarterly challenge writing. There are always other things that need to be done…