Last night we all read our Reumpelstiltskin stories, though I’ll admit, mine wasn’t finished when I read it. I have to give it an ending, which I had in mind but simply didn’t write down. Oddly enough, I seem stalled at the point just before the ending. Not for lack of ideas but for lack of motivation. I just don’t see a pressing need or desire to finish the story.

I know how it ends, of course, but the ending doesn’t want to go on paper. I don’t know if I can justify the ending to myself in any way, with words. I’ve actually been thinking about this for the last couple weeks — do I have a problem with endings? I generally find myself unsatisfied with endings in general, and I’m actually quite happy with beginnings.

I even have some middles I like — but I digress. The point here was that during the revision process, I started the story over again with a different set of descriptions so I could make the story more visually evocative, and I think I wound up writing an entirely separate story. I think once I force myself to sit and write the things out, I’ll have two completely different retellings of Rumpelstiltskin.