I’m getting ready to run Menace of the Icy Spire again, this time for a 1st-level gnome bard, and I’m thinking I might do something a bit different this time. In the past, I’ve run the adventure for a single tiefling warlock (who survived), a lone shifter paladin (who perished), and a group of 1st-level adventurers, who had a couple brushes with death (dwarf paladin, tiefling rogue, …something warden), but otherwise survived and thrived.

Rather than using the module as the basis for another dungeon crawl, I thought I’d set this adventure some time “after the first three attempts” on the tower, making the previous adventures into a mashup of history for the tower, and run it as a mystery instead of … well, a dungeon crawl. I have no idea how to do that, but I can always make things up as I go along, I’m pretty good at doing stuff like that. I just need a compelling setting.

I’m sure if I just think of it like an “adventure game,” I can probably come up with quite a few strange and interesting things that can go on in and around the tower. I can eliminate a lot of the standard combat encounters in favor of a couple brief skirmishes and some moments of the utterly bizarre, or just suspenseful tension stuff. Maybe I should poke around through the encounters in my copy of Arkham Horror for some ideas. Fun!