Sunday was pretty awesome for a couple reasons — first of all, I learned to my complete surprise that the site has racked up over three hundred unique visits on Friday. (I usually check the website statistics once a day, though it’s easy to forget Saturday, or when I’m busy at work.) Second, I received almost forty spam comments on Sunday alone.

That’s a lot of italics there, huh? I’m used to getting a couple spam comments a day, sometimes up to seven or eight, but thirty-eight in one day was unheard of before. This, of course, following my post about spam fulfilling some odd need of mine. Either way, the increased attention to the site has lots of little happy-receptors going on in my head. It’s funny how easy I am to please sometimes, when I tend to complain about everything.

I’m at a loss for anything interesting to say at the moment, I’m mostly still plugging away at the first encounter cluster for Escape from White Cliff and trying desperately to forget the Internet exists, or anything else I might want to do instead of focus on the adventure. I’ll have to refocus my efforts on the comic at some point in the near future, too, since Chapter 22 begins in a week. *minor panic*