I wanted to mention, in case you hadn’t noticed, that I did finally get around to finishing this morning’s post. I have plans this evening to hang out with cookiemonger and her family again (it’s becoming a weekly ritual, it seems!) and there’s the weekly Dungeons & Dragons game on Saturday. I feel as though I’ve been missing every other game lately, so I really want to make an effort to show up and everything.

On that note — I need to get some more work done on Escape from White Cliff. If I prepare everything in advance, it means less time improvising monsters and background and stuff, and more time improvising the version of the adventure the group gets.

I have a bunch of monsters that I created … something like a week or two ago (I’d have to check my blog, I seriously don’t remember off the top of my head) and I need to put down on paper some of the terrain effects I came up with for some of the encounters. It’s so much easier to assert that something is the way it is when a player questions it, if you can look at the piece of paper and read exactly what it says.