I think I’ve managed most of what I needed to do this week so far — there was blogging, there was the story to read and critique for the writing group, and of course there’s Chapter 23 of Rumors of War to script and build (which I’ve only just barely begun to script). Now, I needed a story for next week (our writing group’s quarterly challenge) and I actually have something in the works! (See previous post for a sample!)

I’ve only done bits of work this week on Escape from White Cliff, and it was actually in the midst of that I got the first idea for Fruben’s story. I have all the encounters I need for the first game session or two, though: NPCs, monsters, skills challenges, everything. All I have to do is trust myself and everything else will fall into place. I’ve had plenty of time to prepare, and I know exactly what I’m doing. *sigh*

So, what am I doing this weekend? I’m going to spend time with cookiemonger this evening and relax. Maybe watch some anime. Play a video game. That would be nice, just to relax and let the rest of the weekend sort itself out. Running the D&D game tomorrow night. Should be fun. Pretending I’m not fretting about Chapter 23 — after all, I’ve until Monday before I need to have the next few pages ready. Plenty of time.