Most of my planning for this weekend actually has to do with today. I’ve been working on the comic slavishly since I woke up (whether by physically writing or allocating the processor power to think about it) and I want to build the second half of the chapter to have done by tonight. I have a rough of Chapter 23 in my head, and I need to write it and start building it by next Friday. (Thursday, hopefully.)

I want to have Chapter 22 built and out of the way so I can relax again this weekend. I’m quite enjoying this idea of slaving away during the week, hating my life, and just enjoying the hell out of relaxing on the weekend. I can pretend that I’m driving myself towards a goal (and actually getting things done) and then casting off all responsibilities (while still getting things done) on the weekends. It’s a double subversion! >:D

So, I have a runepriest to finish building before Saturday, but I’m nearly done with him already. He’s going to make his debut tomorrow night at the Dungeons & Dragons game (I’m using out last session with our current game master to introduce a recurring character in the adventure I’m running) while giving my wizard, Allandra, a chance to phase out and become an NPC for the duration of my adventure. Should be fun!