I don’t know what it is about today, but somehow I actually got some things done. Here I went and actually plotted out nearly all of year two of Rumors of War. I don’t know how, it just kind of happened. Really, I looked over my notes from the previous year, did a little math, then sat down and figured out what I’d need for another year. Then I fiddled with a little bit here, a little bit there, and now I have a complete outline for next year’s stories.

…Now I just need to go back and finish the one from last year. *rolls eyes* It’s nice, though, I actually feel a bit on the “prepared” side, and it means I know what I’m going to be writing next month, to go online when the new year of the comic begins in March. I finally accomplished what I set out to do … in September! Ish! It probably required all that time for me to think about it unconsciously before I could finish it … consciously.

…Or some nonsense like that. Really, some of these ideas feel like they come out of nowhere, when in fact, I’ve been thinking about them all along and only just recently got the “job complete” notification from this task that’s been chewing up my brain’s CPU in background processes. Suddenly some of the stress I’ve felt makes sense, when I realize, “Oh, hey! That’s what was on my mind!” *facepalm*

“Hey Sokka! Why’s your forehead so red?” *facepalm*