Last night in my writer’s group meeting, we talked about Rumplestiltskin and started writing our own versions of the story — one of our members pointed out a magazine that was accepting submissions of fairy tales in the “Rumplestiltskin” theme near the end of next month so we decided to make a go at creating new fantasy bits related to the “theme” of the weird little man with the funny name.

First we talked about the story itself, and we read one of the standard versions of the myth. We very briefly discussed the tropes involved — I really would have liked to talk more about the tropes, but when I went and pointed out a couple of the basic tropes and no one had any major disagreements with me, the topic just sort of died. Maybe no one was looking for a discussion and just wanted to write? *shrug*

I was surprised how easily a plot came to me. I filled an entire page with notes and plot outline, and I promptly started writing my version of the myth. I’d nearly finished by the time we adjourned for the evening, which also surprised me. A few read their stories (what they had so far, really) and it was interesting to see the broad range of differences. Our homework is to finish our Rumplestiltskin stories to read next week.