There’s a webcomic I’ve heard whispers of, called Homestruck. From what I’ve read of the comic itself, combined with what I’ve read on Wikipedia and TVtropes articles (MS Paint Adventures is a related entity from my understanding), Homestruck is the pinnacle of multimedia — it is at once interactive fiction, a massively multiplayer online game, and a webcomics, in addition to a source of music and videos and … stuff.

I’ve decided to make it a personal goal to strive for a product that could be favorably compared to Homestruck in terms of interactivity, character development, storytelling, and sheer volume. I want to achieve a the goal of More Updates Than God (tm). To that end, I will continue to update Rumors of War and the blog, and continually push the upper limits of my creative output. I will seek to grow my potential beyond the impossible.

Sometimes it takes reminding but I believe I have what it takes to achieve my dreams in my own lifetime, and reap the benefits of a life well-lived! Row! Row! Fight the powah!