I don’t know what I was thinking when I came up with the title. Something like “Heads will roll,” but since I was going to be writing about assigning treasure parcels, I wanted to see if I could marry the two concepts. It didn’t work out exactly as I would’ve liked, or anything closeto what I would’ve liked, really. A joke’s a joke, though, even a bad one.

So, yeah. I’ve written about the Parcel System in Fourth Edition before, and I’ve been trying to finish tweaks to the loot list for the upcoming encounters for a couple weeks now. Our party has changed a little bit: we still have our half-elf and dragonborn rangers, our halfling rogue … but now we have (for sure) a changeling sorcerer, a human hybrid fighter-warlord, and a wilden warden. Oh, and an eladrin rogue, for an extra headache.

Sorting out treasure for five characters is a chore in and of itself, but now we have seven. I’ve managed to get (mostly-complete) copies of everyone’s character sheets, which is a feat I don’t think even our previous game master accomplished, and I’ve narrowed down the items our group needs. To put the party’s needs in a word: everything. They need everything. Weapons, armor, cloaks/amulets … and that’s just the basics.

Oh, my head… >_<