There’s something oddly satisfying about the amount of spam comments I get for the blog. It’s validating, I think, to have spammers posting ridiculous, garbage-laden comments (which I screen, of course) to the site. I’ve gone and disabled comments on most of the non-blog pages — WordPress enables comments on every page of the site. Kind of odd.

Still, there’s a certain regularity to the influx of spam comments. They show up throughout the day, and I delete them as they crop up. There’s this sort of “never-ending battle between the forces of good and evil” vibe to it, and I appreciate the feeling that my website is such a force — to stand up against darkness and yadda yadda bored now.

I think I might be getting used to it, as well. It’s sort of like that story of the young man who writes letters addressed to a place that doesn’t exist, with no real thought given to where they might end up — he just sends them anyway. One day, he starts getting letters in return, and soon he’s writing with purpose, though the letters he receives aren’t really meant for him, just for whomsoever happens to be writing to the nonexistent address.

Correspondence, there you go. It’s like the spammers are acting as a correspondence for me. It doesn’t matter that they don’t really read my blog or have anything meaningful — hell, I delete every comment they leave — but they’re there. It’s like those people who try to carry on meaningful conversations with those chat-bots on AOL Instant Messenger.