So, as I try to slough off the rest of this awkward need to fill in the gaps in my blog, “four posts a day!” mantra, I glanced over some of the entries from the last couple days and kind of shudder. Boring, boring, self-interested, and boring. Just kind of coasting along. It’s really important that I get away from this need for perfection in form and get back to blogging about things I care about.

So, over the weekend, I ran a bit of the adventure out of the D&D 4e “Red Box” for cookiemonger, her brothers and her friend, and we all had a great time. We finished up “the first encounter,” designed as a “beginner” encounter with a pair of wolf brutes and a pair of hobgoblin skirmishers, and we moved on to “the first dungeon,” designed with limited, fairly predictable, but somewhat difficult encounters.

Their second encounter as a gaming group was a dragon fight. I don’t know if it’s the fates mocking me, or what, but I’m certain I will play D&D for the rest of my life and never fight a dragon, no matter how many encounters I may run with or around dragons. It’s just the way things are meant to be. *rolls eyes* It could simply take me another five years … but I digress. We had lots of fun, and we did a great deal to establish character relationships.