I have a funny little anecdote to share, that I thought’d give you a fun kick. It’s based almost entirely on my perception of events, so you’ll have to take my word for it that it’s funny: so, Saturday, cookiemonger gave me a couple fun knickknacks for my birthday. She gave me a teeny Batman-emblazoned bucket, a short-necked giraffe stuffed animal holding presenting a heart, and a packet of extremely fine-tip pens.

Now, just last night, cookiemonger was over and needed a pen, and she asked if I’d opened the pens she gave me yet. I said I hadn’t, and I imagined she’d taken a snippy tone with me. I offered in my defense that I’d yet to use up my current pen (let alone the box I was still working my way through), and I handed her the pen I was using. I was thinking about it this morning, and the funniest of thoughts occurred to me.

Her insistence that I use the new pens she gave me evoked imagery of a couple of a smoker trying to push a new brand on a friend “Hey, try these, they’re real smooth.” I just wanted to finish the ones I had — anyway, it was this mental image that brought me to the conclusion that pens are Serious Business. I have the pens I have for a reason: I’ve used a lot of different pens in my time, and I hand-picked the ones I use. xD

Now, I’ll get to the ones she gave me once I’ve finished up the two I have left in the current box, but now I have this silly mental image of someone standing in the rain clad in a trench coat, offering me a pen from a box and muttering “Need a light?”