I mentioned earlier that I saw Inception again, this was my second viewing of the film. I think I’ve made up my mind that I generally like it — story, characters, and all. It’s a fantasy film and a heist film at once, with its major twist being that the crew is “planting” something rather than heisting it. (Which I’ve said before.) I didn’t have the same disappointment lingering after the film this time.

I decided for myself that the movie has a happy ending: it was clear enough that however ambiguous the events seemed to be near the end, everyone got back safely, the crew successfully pulled off their mission, and Leonadro DiCaprio’s character was reunited with his children. The significance of the spinning top at the end was the same as it had been throughout the entire movie.

“What if this world isn’t real?” is all that top had to say. Dreams or reality, it was a cool fantasy flick and it had a well-developed cast of characters and an intriguing premise. I still don’t know that I’d own it myself, but that doesn’t seem particularly important right now. I liked it when I saw it before, and I liked it just as much when I saw it this time.