I’ve written a little bit about Occela and I thought I’d add to that, particularly on the topic of the character’s original design. When I set about creating NPCs for the D&D campaign I ran for my friends Don and Jack back in the beginning of 2008, I scoured Deviant Art for visual concepts upon which to build. I pulled ideas from lots of different places, and I used Deviant Art to dig for monster and dungeon concepts, as well.

Occela has always been Occela — I don’t know that there was a time when she was actually another character but she has grown since her inception. She was originally an NPC who took the visual appearance of Little Red Riding Hood, wielding a huge sword, with an ethereal stride sort of power. She was intended to be a Little Miss Badass from the go. When it occurred to me that the party needed a healer, she became a cleric instead.

I devised a cool background for one of the PC’s sidekicks, which he didn’t like and ultimately rejected. I decided to retroactively apply her background to Occela without changing much of Occela’s demeanor or actions, it was more of a motivation transplant. (Though she’d been a blank slate beforehand, so it was actually character development.) Out of all the characters at the start, she had the most detailed background. :P