I had this weird notion as I sat down to work on the monsters for this next group — I’d had so many false starts before I wanted to make sure I actually got around to designing the newer monsters — that I should perhaps start designing the groups around the minions, as I had with the wrackspawn from the previous monster groups. I designed the minions and then the support structure — soldiers, brutes, artillery, and controllers.

It worked out quite well the first time, and some times it seems the minions are the most important part of the monster group, because they’re the ones who are going to have the least amount of time to make an impression on the party. There will also be a lot of them, so it’s important to figure out just how to make that impression. With the wrackspawn minions, it will be their horrific spines ability. Talk about a pain in the ass. xD

With the “plague spawn minions,” as I’ve recently dubbed them, the most memorable thing about them will probably be their dynamic entry into combat — either they’ll leap out at the characters in ambush, they’ll spawn upon the death of one of their hosts, or they’ll be hurled at the party from one of their brood-leaders. It should be awesome and totally memorable. Not at all unlike The Flood, of Halo fame. xD