Some on Friday night, and some on Saturday, I was running the adventure out of the Retro-style Red Box D&D set for some friends (cookiemonger, brothers, and friend). Funny how the game is so complicated when you don’t have someone with experience showing you the ropes. I remember when I was a younger me, trying to make sense of the same game many years ago, different rules, same situation.

“I’d like to play, but none of this makes sense.” It wasn’t until I sat down at the table with a bunch of people who knew what they were doing that I finally got it. “Oh, that’s what those were for, it didn’t make sense, and then- well, of course it’s meant to be done that way.” That sort of thing.

I’ve showed some people to play D&D before, I mean, I’ve taught the game to a lot of people over the years, admittedly not so much with Fourth Edition as Third Edition. It’s nice, though. As much as it feels like “teaching people to play again,” I get this sense that the players actually want to learn.

Their excitement seems genuine, and less of it is “patience for the people who won’t do their homework” and more “patience for people who simply haven’t figured out what they’re doing yet.” I mean, there are people who don’t know the rules and don’t know how to play, and then there are people who just don’t know the rules. This group falls in the latter category — all they need are the rules. :)