I’ve nearly finished the script for Chapter 21 of Rumors of War, which means if I sleep well enough tonight (and, let’s say my alarm actually wakes me up on time), I can get an early start tomorrow and maybe I can knock out another ten or eleven pages of the chapter and be done with it and ready to finally, actually get started on my project for the month of January: which still needs a good name.

I have been thinking about it in the meantime, of course, and it occurred to me that I’d really like the opportunity to get through as many of the different locations and districts of the core game as possible, and add the expansions as I go. I want to get a feel for the balance of the core game first, at least to try to get a sense for what Fantasy Flight games was going for when they scribbled everything down.

I’m thinking at some point, once I’ve gone and remixed the encounters, it’d be nice to release them for free somewhere, probably on the site, and maybe offer them to some of the Arkham Horror fan sites out there. I know they exist, somewhere, and from what little reading I have on the subject, they’re generally pretty open and accepting of variant rules and play styles, which is very refreshing for a board game. :)