(di — So, this ought to be my “Day Two Review” entry, but I haven’t officially started my project for January. This replaces my earlier post this morning about delays.)

I’m badly out of sync here, trying to get caught up on things that accrued over the holidays — not just at work, but in my comic, which I absolutely have to work on today, without fail. I need to script more pages and I need to build more pages, and somehow I’m not stressed about it at all, though I think I should be. I haven’t even looked over my previous notes for this month’s project — the Arkham Horror Arkham Encounter Transcription thing.

…It doesn’t even have a proper name, yet, and I’m not particular to “AHAET,” though in abbreviation it looks appropriate enough for a Lovecraft-oriented project. I suppose I’ll finish up my work this morning and then get right to that, shall I? So much to do, so much… I recall last time I maybe finished transcribing Arkham Asylum encounters. I have the Bank of Arkham and Independence Square left in that particular district.

There are a couple stages to the project, and I’m not sure what I’ll actually finish: the first is to transcribe the encounter cards to a series of tables that can be rolled against so I don’t have to cart around all the many, many Arkham encounter cards (they release new ones with every single expansion). The second goal is to clarify the text so it can be understood on its first reading, without a need to discuss with the other players (pet peeve).

The third and fourth goals (largely unstated) are first to rebalance encounters so they make better use of the skills investigators have, and thus make individual characters more interesting or useful, and to revise the game to use the d20 System instead of its messy d6-Tristat-Storyteller nonsense. It’s a stepping stone as part of a larger project, it is.