So, I realized it’s a bit late to be talking about the project that I want to have already started this month, but I think it should be pretty clear what it is I want to do and what exactly I’m doing to make progress on it. I’m currently calling it the “January Arkham Horror Arkham Encounter Transcription Project” because I don’t actually have an imagination or anything like that. *facepalm*

The basic goal is to transcribe all of the Arkham Encounter cards from existing sets (from the core game through the most recent Lurker at the Threshold expansion) into a series of tables that can be rolled against — because I prefer carrying three-ring binders instead of lots of plastic bags of cards, which must be shuffled time and again, and can be damaged or lost — they’re generally a pain, and there are an awful lot of them at this point.

One of the things I want to do at the same time is clarify the rules text on the cards so they can easily be understood on the first reading. There are a number of encounter types that I want to eliminate or streamline because they’re simply cumbersome, but that won’t happen until I begin work on the third goal, which is to rebalance encounters so there’s an equal representation of all skills the investigators make use of.

Finally, I want to gut the ridiculous dice-accumulation system (also found in White Wolf/World of Darkness games) and replace it with the simpler and less dice-intensive d20 System. It’s quite an undertaking, but I think I’ll wind up with a game much closer to the game I want to play. In reality, it’ll just be an entirely separate game I carry around with me instead of Arkham Horror. *snerk*