Damn, you know? I was in the shower a few minutes ago and I thought, “Hey, that would be a great idea for something to blog about!” Of course, here we are, a few minutes later, and I’ve completely forgotten whatever it was I wanted to write about, and now I’m left with … blank, white space. White space has a use though, you know?

It’s part of aesthetics, and if I remember any of my graphic design, it’s partly about accentuating what’s already there, by using empty space around it. Take blogging, for example. If I were to write something fantastic and insightful for every post, every day, then they wouldn’t all be fantastic and insightful, they’d just be average.

Things need ups and downs to be interesting. They need to have peaks and valleys, otherwise you’re stuck looking at a flat, featureless plane. Now, how interesting is the city that sits off to the side of the featureless plane? The city becomes a fortress against a wasteland backdrop — and that’s just from using nothing in the background.

You don’t want to use too much nothing, of course, or your work comes out to be more wasteland than anything else. No, better to just sprinkle in a bit of nothing here and there, and let it become part of the patchwork. Consistency is nice, and inconsistency is a part of that — realizing that things can be different (and can go wrong) is important.