I just had an interesting idea for a game mechanic after reading an article about jellyfish (all sea creatures, I think) about the geological effect their movements have. The article was talking about something called drift and the displacement of water based on fluid “sticking” to creatures as they moved through the water and yadda yadda bored now.

The idea I had was for a game mechanic called “Drift” that’s based on character movement around the game board. Basically, for the purpose of a zone control-based game (like the one I’m developing), every movement a player makes, either with pieces or whatever, has the potential to create “ripples.” That means, basically, that every time they pick up and move across town, there’s a chance to trigger an effect on the field.

Mostly, the types of effects I’m thinking of are going to be clearly visible to all players, so the player’s most likely going to know they’ll trigger the effect before it happens, but the point is more that movement regularly and reliably triggers game effects, simply by taking place. I like the idea of every aspect of gameplay being examined and exploited.