I read this fascinating article from the New York Times about marksmanship and the war in the Middle East. Ignoring the context of the article is easy enough for me to do because I’m mainly interested in the bits about environmental conditions, training, equipment, and personal health and fitness. These sorts of things interest me because there’s no end to the irritation I have for how ranged combat is handled in games like Dungeons & Dragons.

I have a great deal of enmity for the Suffer The Slings and Annoying Arrows tropes — I’m of the opinion that both sling and bow deserve far more credit for the damage they deal, especially at the ridiculously close range at which most D&D combat encounters take place. I’ve a strong desire to write a striker class with the option of focusing on ranged combat, specializing in either the javelin, sling, or bow, eschewing most of the trappings of the existing Ranger class in favor of something that always makes use of ranged combat.

The class would undoubtedly use the Martial power source, and I think I’d ultimately split the Ranger into two classes, effectively making a Hunter and a Ranger — I’m aware that Essentials already did something like this, I imagine I’ll take a gander at how they did it, scoff, and then do them one better. I suppose I ought to give the “Hunter” a chance — the Essentials spellcasters fail to impress but I kinda like their Martial classes. Ish.