I spent quite a bit of time yesterday fiddling with monster bits — mostly powers, of course — attack bonuses, damage, auras, individual power effects like slow, daze, and those sorts of things. I made a handful of monsters for the second encounter cluster, based on a combination of … thallids, mind flayers, and head crab zombies. Bonus points to whomsoever gets all of those references.

Right now I have three related monsters: a minion, an artillery piece, and an artillery-leader creature. I intend to eventually add in at least one type of brute, two skirmishers (or maybe a lurker, instead of one of the skirmishers), and one or two controllers (and maybe a third artillery creature). Originally, I wanted to make the entire creature group based on head-crabs and head-crab zombies, but I thought it better to diversify.

Once I’ve all those creatures out of the way, I have an 18th-level wizard to design (might make him a warlock instead, so I can boost his damage without feeling too guilty), a couple of trolls, and a solo trap. Today’s going to be fun! *cue evil laughter*