One of the things I’ve been worrying about almost constantly starting … oh, I don’t know, whenever I started actually building the monsters for Escape from White Cliff … has been whether the creatures I’m building to face the characters are too strong, deal too much damage, yadda yadda, and so on, and so forth. My own experience from the player’s side is that the enemies we’ve face thus far have been generally ineffective.

Unfortunately, I don’t know why that is. I know a couple characters had artificially inflated defenses compared to the rest of our group (due to a bizarre reading of the animal companion rules that the players refuse to see another way). I also know that our previous game master was running some monsters that were a lower level than our party, which would have been a contributing factor…

I’ve heard from a number of sources that the Paragon tier is generally less threatening than the Heroic tier, especially when you have a leader or leaders in the party. I don’t know from experience, of course, just from what I’ve read. As I understand it, some of “the grind” that’s experienced in the game comes from frustrated game masters using monsters that are higher than the party’s level. I’m understandably concerned.

I feel like I’m going into the whole thing half-blind but I’m confident I can improvise whatever I need to make it work. I’ve been running games for years, and I’m good at it. I’ll make it work. Still, I worry. I want the game to be fun. We’ll see what happens.