One of my best and oldest friends, Don, paid me a very high compliment the other evening when he compared me, rather favorably, to Blizzard Entertainment. There are a number of fun and interesting things implied by the comparison, both general and personal, and I think the points we touched on were as follows:

* What I do is worth waiting for — I don’t tend to half-ass things, and when I do, it’s still a higher quality than normal. I hold even half of my ass to a higher standard. :P
* I don’t tend to announce what I’m up to until the decisions are made and it’s nearly done — I hate to get anyone’s hopes up, and even when I do “pre-announce” something, it’s generally only to a small number of people. As a result, I’m generally known best for things that actually succeed because I don’t talk much about my projects that failed to launch.

It means just a tad bit more because I know how much Don enjoys Blizzard games — everything from Diablo and Diablo 2, to Starcraft, to World of Warcraft, there’s just … it means a lot to me to hear something like that, and I know what it means, and it means something to me. I don’t often receive acknowledgment and so the little things, bits and pieces of praise I receive — mean the world to me. :)