I’ve played around with the hybrid classes available for Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition before, and I wasn’t impressed when they came out. I’m still not particularly impressed with their general functioning, but I recently (read: a few minutes ago) decided to take a crack at rebuilding my character as a hybrid wizard/cleric instead of the rather bizarre multiclass wizard/cleric she was before. It wasn’t as bad this time around.

I remember when I first built the character at third level, I wanted to play a cleric — partly because I knew the party needed a leader-type character, and I felt a cleric would be particularly useful. Part of me still wanted to play a wizard, though, to try it out. As she’s progressed through the levels, though, my character Allandra has taken on more and more cleric aspects, and abandoned many of her wizardly aspects.

So, it only seemed right to give the hybrid thing another shot. I’m still generally disappointed with how hybrid classes work but I’m glad to see that a hybrid cleric gets the “Healing talent” or whatever the thing is — and I can grab up both the Magic Missile and Astral Seal powers, which makes me squeal with joy a little. (One always hits and the other is highly accurate.) I might actually go all the way with this and see what I get. :)