So I’m doing revisions to individual monsters I created for Escape from White Cliff, tweaking things here and there to make sure everything is straightforward and easy to run, and I’m worrying about whether some of these encounters will be too difficult.

Now, the Dungeon Master’s Guide says that an average encounter should be the same level as the party or one level higher. Most of my experience with my own party (from the player’s side) is that our encounters tend to swing wildly in difficulty.

Some encounters that should be an easy win are in fact the opposite, while we wipe the floors with others that should have proven very difficult. As is true for any group — I’m going to need to play a lot of this by ear until I figure out what the party can handle.

The encounter I’m building right now is intended to be a difficult fight — two levels higher than the party (another guideline in the Dungeon Master’s Guide I’m playing with) that has a solo monster a level lower than the party, and an elite monster two levels higher.

Now, in theory, both monsters should probably average out to be a tough but totally winnable fight. What worries me is that one of the monsters is insubstantial (takes half damage from all attacks) and they both have regeneration. This could be something to worry about, since the insubstantial one has effectively twice the listed hit points.

Or there may be nothing to worry about. ^_^;;;