I wanted to take a moment to sing some praises for how Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition has streamlined the “disease” system, and most recently, “curses.” When your character initially encounters a disease (or curse), they make a single saving throw at the end of the encounter after they’re exposed. If they fail the save, they suffer the “first stage” of the disease or curse. Simple and abstract enough for me!

Each disease or curse is broken into a set of three steps or stages with each subsequent stage being more harmful than the last. Rather than waiting a specific number of days, weeks, or whatever, checks are made to resist the ravages of the disease (or the curse) at the end of each extended rest. Endurance is used to resist disease, while a variety of skills are used against curses.

So, there was an article in Dungeon magazine recently that introduced the concept of curses using the same system as disease (which is why I brought this all up), and it’s an idea I support. I like the idea of (some) wounds persisting after the end of a battle. Diseases can be “cured,” eventually running their course, but curses on the other hand … have specific requirements that must be met before their effects are “lifted.” >:D