It’s been something like a year or two in the coming, but I finally figured out how to make a Magnificent Bastard out of the Big Bad of Rumors of War. It will probably be several years before he’s even mentioned in the comic’s storyline, but I’ve been working feverishly on the intricacies of his plan. I figured that if his plan was going to unfold over the course of a decade of webcomic, I was going to need to spend nearly as long actually coming up with it.

Now I have the foundations. I have the first few layers that the protagonists will peel away in the next couple years of story. I have an ultimate goal for him, as well: the objective toward which he’s committing magnificent acts of bastard-y. That is to say, bastardly acts of magnificence. Magnificent acts which make him generally bastard-like. Or whatever.

I’m saying it now because I want people to be prepared when he eventually shows up. None of this “oh look, the writer’s cut-and-pasted stories together and attributed everything to one guy due to the Dragonball Z effect.” It’s neat, I’ve figured it all out, see. We’ll get there together, ’cause I have a plan. Hopefully it’s crazy enough to work.

Trust me, I saw this in a movie once.