The other stuff (beside the pens, and I’m a junkie for pens xD) cookiemonger gave me for my birthday included a wee Batman bucket and a stuffed animal giraffe.

Now, the teeny bucket emblazoned with the Batman symbol has a bit of a joke to it: the Arkham Asylum of Batman fame derives its name from the Arkham Asylum of Lovecraftian fame. I have a copy of Arkham Horror, which calls for a cup, hat, bucket, or other receptacle to draw monsters from during the game. Ergo: Batman bucket -> Arkham Asylum -> Arkham Horror -> Monster bucket. Wonderful gift. :)

When I received the stuffed giraffe, I was immediately asked what I’d name him. I decided he was called Burt Reynolds, the Evil Giraffe. I don’t know why I plucked the name Burt Reynolds out of the aether, but I have cookiemonger’s insistence that it was based on an Internet video she’d referenced. (Something about Satan wanting a collector’s plate. xD) The evil giraffe bit is an Eddie Izzard reference that I’ll let you figure out on your own.

The giraffe happens to be holding a little red heart, which I assume is a still-beating heart, given that it’s still red (and therefore fresh). That’s how I knew he was evil. He’s also a short-necked giraffe, which means he was likely picked on by the other giraffes. He’s called Burt Reynolds because … well, yeah.