Stupid title, you’ll just have to forgive me. Went and saw Megamind with cookiemonger. I didn’t hate it but I can’t say much for it. Dreamworks films stopped subverting Disney tropes and have gone on to create their own. Now for something completely different.

I had some wonderful, awful ideas for more hybrid characters using the D&D Character Builder. First, I wanted to see how the ranger’s beast companion class feature worked in a hybrid build. It occurred to me that whatever class was combined with the beast companion ranger would probably want to be simultaneously melee-oriented and Strength/Wisdom based. That’s when the idea for the hybrid avenger/ranger came in.

It turned out … interestingly enough. The avenger uses Wisdom as its primary ability (which is also the primary ability for most “beast powers”) but it wound up with a certain amount of MAD (Multiple Ability Dependency) because the avenger really wants other powers (namely Intelligence) for its ally-based powers. Then there’s the problem with its survivability. One of the things I want from a character is a plausible 1st-level playability.

Don’t talk to me about a character’s cool 15th-level powers if he dies in his first dungeon crawl. Anyway, there are also issues with the avenger/ranger hybrid because both are striker classes, and striker classes just don’t play well together. It’s just a fact. I’m sure I’ll come up with my next “must play” character through some arcane permutation of disparate classes. Next, I thought I’d try splicing the warden with the beast ranger. >:D