I’m intrigued by the recent developments of the Green Lantern series. I never followed it very closely because I didn’t like Hal Jordan, or his powers, color scheme, or anything, really, but I have an appreciation for the series as a whole — I imagine it comes of having read Superman growing up. (di — With bits of Batman and World’s Finest, to taste — in particular, I came in during The Death and Return of Superman story arc.)

Reading through the Wikipedia and TVtropes articles about the Sinestro Corps and the Lanterns of various colors and stripes (mostly colors, actually) brings to mind some of the game design stuff I’ve been developing — on and off. Now, I have the most experience with Dungeons & Dragons and its mind-controlling effects, so I thought I’d start with that and revise the system to include than just “rage,” “fear,” “hope,” and “angst.”

Now, I don’t buy in to the whole spectrum of emotions and powers that Green Lantern is peddling these days, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some fair ideas there. They did lead me to the concept of “Will,” in the philosophical sense, which I’d forgotten about. I might even have to look up a Green Lantern wiki at some point to check out their charts and graphs. Now, why does that sound so dirty?