Here’s a little continuation of my thought from yesterday about emotions: emotions, to me, are programmed responses to various stimuli, as interpreted by the brain. Don’t mind me, I’m thinking out loud, here — don’t take anything I say too seriously. You have emotions, which guide your actions, and you have willpower (“driving force”) to carry out actions.

Not every person has the same emotions and they don’t always respond the same way. Emotions can be categorized generally, however, and creatures and characters with lower willpower are more easy to predict and to control via emotions. There’s also an intellectual aspect, which can sometimes be turned on or off by willpower, or perhaps by emotions.

It’s possible that intuition is the programming language that emotions are written in. You develop an emotional response to a specific stimuli when you recognize a particular event and anticipate its outcome. Intuition may again be something else ’cause I’m thinking willpower can be used to bypass emotional responses and cut directly to intuition.

Some creatures and characters exhibit more of one emotion than another, or may be controlled more easily via one emotion or another. What does one generally use emotions to manipulate? Characters might use fear is to cow their enemies, drive them away, or force them into submission. These seem like good abilities to stick on a controller class.

In Fourth Edition, I imagine emotion-control would be oriented around the manipulation of the actions of others, and would most likely result in the dazed, stunned, immobilized, or slowed conditions. When it comes to despair, or the direct sapping of an enemy’s will, weakened also comes to mind. Stuff to to consider — there’s always more research to do.