Our group concluded the adventure H3: The Pyramid of Shadows on Saturday. We had only one encounter left in the module, which was the final battle with Karavakos on the fourth floor of the dungeon. The battle itself was underwhelming, made simpler, I think, by the fact that we had only four of our players (not including the game master) in attendance.

We fell into a trap almost immediately upon exploring the floor, by opening a door that set off an alarm that alerted Karavakos to our presence. From there, we cut down about a dozen of his “false shards,” which were minions, and therefore vulnerable to my character Allandra’s Wizard’s Fury, magic missile spam attack. I got two each round.

So, we took out every single one of Karavakos’s shards before evening bothering to attack the big guy himself. Sure enough, I learned after the battle (by looking up his stats) that as long as at least one of his shards is alive, he can’t be killed. Guess Karavakos isn’t built to withstand the power of a party that’s nothing but strikers and control. *shrug*

So, beginning either at the end of next week’s session, or starting the following week (depending on how much downtime we have to cover), I’ll be picking up running the game, with Escape from White Cliff. Honestly, I still have a lot of the adventure that needs to go on paper, and I’ll undoubtedly wind up improvising a lot. I’ll have to take lots of notes as I go, as to what works and what doesn’t.