Now that I’ve had a chance to fiddle around with a hybrid character for a bit, I’m confident that it’s what I probably should have done with Allandra all along. I rebuilt her using the hybrid classes for Wizard/Cleric instead of multiclass feats, and it’s given me a lot more freedom. I don’t recommend hybrid classes, though — they’re a bloody mess.

The upside is that I finally have something like what I’ve wanted all along: I have a nice buffet of cleric healing and wizard control. I have decent defense and can stand in the middle of combat or far away and be effective. I also dropped my paragon path in favor of the Paragon Hybrid option. I don’t think I’ll miss the whatever-it-was-called.

Allandra now wields a staff (don’t know why I bothered with the orb implement to begin with, the power selection was lousy for orb-wielders), wears chain mail armor, and can bust out three to five heals per encounter. Her skill list has been trimmed down to Arcana, Heal, History, and Religion, which were pretty much the only skills I used anyway.

My mental image of the character has changed over time — she started out as a cranky, short-tempered mage with a lot of anger and ambition. She gradually cooled off as she grew in power (literally cooling down shortly after gaining the Bigby’s Icy Grasp power), and taking on a much friendlier Team Mom personality.

I might even have a decent story for her now — a story worth telling. :)