My goodness. Much more like this and I may have to change my posting schedule. *snerk*

Well, happy new year, everyone. I’m writing this terribly early on a Saturday morning, long after I should have gone to sleep. I’m afraid I shall have to sleep soon (not afraid of sleeping, just afraid I won’t have time for everything else). It’s funny, this love and romance business. There’s been a tremendous shift in my sense of priorities. Most of my time lately seems to be devoted to making time.

Making time … to be with someone I care about. It’s a prospect that I wouldn’t have really considered feasible a year ago, it was hardly something I could even imagine. It’d been so long since I’d had anyone to hold- I’m quite at a loss to describe how blissfully happy I am. The mild throbbing in my head could potentially be a contributing factor, though I’m trying not to give it much credit.

No drinking last night, but we did watch Inception. One or two of us actually made it through the whole movie. I’d forgotten the film was so long.