In light of the fact that I now have all of Escape from White Cliff on paper, after months of staring at the sticky notes on my wall, I think I want to use a similar method of plotting out the entire run of my webcomic, Rumors of War. I have plans to produce spin-offs and such, though I’m wondering if perhaps I wouldn’t rather commit to just the one comic to make sure it reaches its conclusion.

The story I want to tell with Rumors of War, I’ve estimated will take between ten to fifteen years at the current pace. That’s … quite a commitment, and I want to make sure I make the most of it. It would be mind-boggling if I hadn’t already pictured exactly how the story will eventually end. “Always go into things with the end in mind” is way to put it — I know how I want the story to conclude, and that makes the project feasible.

So, sticky notes. I’ve already got ideas on how to assign them before I get to work plotting the things out. Story arcs will be based on a collection of elements, drawn from a pool that I’m generating as we speak — character and plot developments each have a different color of sticky note assigned to them, and those make up half the stickies. I also have a specific set of “landmarks” that I’m using … and that’s all I’m going to say about it right now. :P