This curious idea popped into my head while browsing some weird porn. (di — I’m suddenly at a loss for how to describe it, it’s probably what would be described as “cartoon porn” in English, and it’s in a style reminiscent of Asian anime and manga.)

One particular character had wings that appeared to be made out of daggers, and that gave me an idea for a “blade-wing” or “sword-angel” class. The basic concept would be, that, using light and/or heavy blades as implements, blade-wings would conjure duplicates of the blades that they would then use to attack and defend with as need be.

Basic powers would include classic spells like blade barrier and weapon of faith, though there are a number of other functions the mystic blades could fulfill. I’m picturing magical versions of otherwise “impossible” weapons, like the ever-popular “sword-whips” used by characters like Ivy from Soul Calibur and Kratos from God of War.

The design conclusion I jumped to rather surprisingly after that, was that every class should begin its development cycle as a striker, regardless of its eventual party role. The most important thing for the designer to do is figure out how the beastly thing deals damage since it’s an effect of nearly every power to which a given class has access.

Everything else the class can do — heal, defend, or control — are all things they can get by trading in the cool damaging powers. It isn’t such a terrible thing, either, attack powers are pretty cool and it’s best to design above the expected power range and scale things down throughout the beta-testing process. We can’t have powerful controllers, now. *snerk*